Orbit Xplorer

Orbit Xplorer 2.2

Orbit Xplorer is a graphics tool for astronomy and physics students

Orbit Xplorer software program is ideal for students of physics and astronomy at the high school and college level. The educational program can be used to visualize and demonstrate orbits of celestial bodies and compare and contrast the realities of the universe with school problems.

The Orbit Xplorer application can also be used for physics and astronomy projects. The parameters of up to 10 stars, planets, satellites can be set and you are then able to watch their orbits evolve under the law of gravitation.

You can choose from 30 premade simulations and up to four simultaneous simulations can be set up. In addition, they can be viewed in 3D or one of three planes.

By using actual pictures of planets, you can plot and view the planets’ speed and acceleration vectors as well. Compatible with Windows XP and Vista, you can effortlessly run and save your own orbit simulation to use on other programs or print and share.